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  • Accidents, Incidents, Near Misses/ Close Calls and Dangerous Occurrences Policy

    Purpose and Aim
    This policy documents our commitment to ensuring all Accidents, Incident, Near Misses, Close Calls, Dangerous Occurrences and Occupational Disease are reported and fully investigate in accordance with (applicable) Legislation and Industry Standards.

    By having a robust Policy, Process, Procedure and Training Guide in place our aim is to deal with any Accidents, Incidents, Near Misses, Close calls and Dangerous Occurrences in an appropriate, effective and efficient manner whilst upholding and adhering to Industry Standards and Legislation.

    All Accidents or Incidents, including Near Misses and Close Calls will be reported immediately to the appropriate person by Linear Recruitment Employees and or Candidates (Temporary, Contract and Permanent).

    We will report all Accidents, Incidents, Near Misses, Close Calls and Dangerous Occurrences to the Client in a timely manner and will ensure that robust arrangements are in place to provide information for Client driven accident recording systems.

    Accident Books will be maintained at all Linear Recruitment Offices and completed (by the appropriate Consultant or Regional manager) when an Accident occurs. All Candidates working at Client sites and offices will complete local Accident Books.

    When applicable, the person nominated as responsible for RIDDOR reporting (Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences) will report any event/ occurrence to the Health & Safety Executive in accordance with the RIDDOR regulations.

    Accidents, Incidents, Near Misses, Close Calls and Dangerous Occurrences affecting Linear Recruitment will be discussed at Management Reviews and Health & Safety Meetings.

    Following an investigation into an Accident or Incident, we will publish conclusions, observations and recommendations which will be communicated out to Linear Recruitment employees and Candidates, in order to avoid similar events happening in the future and to learn from previous experiences.

    All records shall be kept for a minimum of 10 years, be legible and readily identifiable.

      Responsible Parties:
    • Directors
    • Health & Safety Manager / Representative
    • Regional Managers
    • Linear Recruitment Employees
    • Candidates (Temporary, Contract & Permanent)