Rail – Pre-Employment Assessment for COSS OLP/CRP

Answer all questions; select your answer from the options available. A number of questions will require a written answer. You are advised to read each question carefully before answering. The pass mark for the test is 20/23. A score of 19 or under will deem you unsuitable for employment to carry out COSS duties.

  • 3. What are the minimum distances for a Position of Safety for the line speeds given below?
  • a) Lookout Warning b) Site Warden Warning c) Safeguarded d) Equipment warning e) Fenced
  • a) Arrange additional protection b) Agree the arrangements with the Signaller c) Signaller issues the Authority Number d) Protecting signal to be placed at danger
  • Add a new row

  • Below are duties that a COSS may carry out. Select the duties and experience you have in the roles.