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  • Drugs and Alcohol Policy Statement

    This statement sets out the company policy in respect of any employee or contractor whose performance of their duties is or may be impaired as a result of drinking alcohol, taking drugs of abuse or medication either prescribed by a medical practitioner or purchased over the counter. It is supported by the Rule Book, Network Rail Standard on alcohol and drugs, related codes of practice and guidelines. The company has also taken into account the Transport and Works Act 1992.

    The company will ensure that employees or contractors are made aware of the contents of this statement, together with the relevant section of the Transport and Works Act 1992 and the implications therein. Furthermore, as a responsible employer, the company will have in place procedures to prevent, in so far as is reasonably practicable, an offence under the Act, This will be achieved through a policy of pre-employment alcohol and drugs screening and random unannounced drugs and alcohol testing by selecting 5% of the workforce at random for a drugs & alcohol test on an annual basis. This test can also be undertaken by the client or Network Rail.

    The company shall undertake “for cause” drug & alcohol testing where there are reasonable grounds to suspect that safety has been compromised through the consumption of drugs or alcohol. Any person tested under ‘for cause’ shall not be allowed to resume work until a negative result is obtained.

      It is a requirement of the company that no employee or contractor shall:
    • Report or endeavour to report for duty having just consumed alcohol or under the influence of drugs of abuse.
    • Report for duty in an unfit state due to the use of alcohol or drugs of abuse.
    • Report for duty having taken medication either prescribed by a medical practitioner or purchased over the counter where this affects their ability to work safely.
    • Be in possession of alcohol or drugs of abuse in the workplace.
    • Consume alcohol or drugs of abuse whilst on duty.

    Should you encounter changes to your medical condition or are taking ANY medication, this must be reported to the company.

    The company will not tolerate any departure from these rules and will take the appropriate disciplinary action, which would normally lead to dismissal in the event of any infringement. Refusal to participate will be treated as a POSITIVE result.