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Construction Recruitment Agency – Client Services

We know that great People make successful businesses.  That’s why we’re committed to placing only the right Candidates in roles that will maximise their potential.We understand that each of our Clients has very different needs and expectations, and that’s exactly why we don’t take the one size fits all approach.  The only thing that’s the same for every single one of our Clients is the total care and commitment of our expert Construction Recruitment Consultants and Support Staff. The key to our unique service is flexibility.  We apply our dedication and company ethos to each of our Clients’ needs and expectations to guarantee we’re doing everything we can to play our part in our Clients’ success.  Through years of experience, we’ve constructed and refined the effective and efficient way to create individual solutions to place the most suitable Candidates whatever our Clients’ needs.

Call Linear Recruitment Construction Employment Agency todayBecause we’re flexible, we can find the perfect recruitment solution to any requirement.  We’re experts in recruiting temporary, contract and permanent Candidates at all skill levels.  And because of the unique way we work, we’re able to supply anything from individual Candidates to whole workforces at very little notice.

Then there’s our bespoke induction and training programs, fully automated in-house payroll and finance departments and fully CERT RP qualified account management teams.

Whatever your needs, we’ll work with you to find the perfect solution.