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Linear's Architecture recruitment expertise and partnerships can assist candidates in finding their perfect architecture job, regardless of experience level, including Technologist and Technician positions. Architects can apply for positions at all levels, ranging from trainee/junior to senior. Thanks to our trusted relationships, we have exclusive access to architectural jobs before they're publicly available.

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What is an Architect?

An architect is a licensed design professional who designs buildings and city spaces. They’re responsible for planning, organizing, and supervising the construction of buildings. While a variety of different roles are available, generally architects are responsible for drawing up designs, managing budgets, coordinate, and overseeing projects, client management and more.

What is the average salary of an Architect in the UK?

The average architect's salary in the UK is currently around £37,925, but this will depend on your level of experience and specific type of role,  as well as other factors like location.  According to Glassdoor, the average salary for a junior/entry role £37,935 a year with senior positions paying around £67,046 per annum. The National Careers Service in the UK shows an average salary of £30K - £60k per year.

What training/qualifications do I need?


An architect requires an undergraduate degree approved by Architects Registration Board (ARB) in relevant subjects, such as architecture. Further a two years full-time university course like B.Arch and M.arch also works. Some employers also offer apprenticeships, degree apprenticeships, and graduate training schemes. 

What skills do architects need?

Since you will deal with business designing, you should have design skills and knowledge, creativity, and good attention to detail. A good knowledge of the construction sector will also be useful, along with designing skills.

What career paths/progression opportunities are available?

Architect roles offer natural progression opportunities based on experience, with the chance to grow within the role from entry/graduate through to senior architect.

Why use Linear Recruitment, to find your next Architect job?

Linear Recruit has been a specialist in construction sector recruitment since our conception in 2001, and we’ve proudly recruited on behalf of clients working on large, high-profile construction projects across the UK. With a number of preferential agreements in place with clients in the Construction industry we often have exclusive access to Architect vacancies before they reach the open market.

We recruit at multiple levels including both junior and senior roles and support all candidates with interview advice, CV preparation tips, and comprehensive career advice.

How do I apply for a job through Linear Recruitment?

Applying for an Architect job with Linear Recruitment is quick and easy. Just hit the ‘apply for role’ button and then fill out the contact form or email the recruitment consultant directly using the details at the bottom of the job description. Need additional help or information? Just get in touch.

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