An Interview with Melanie Mitchell

In August Linear Industrial & Engineering welcomed on board Melanie Mitchell as their new Business Development Manager. With a remit to expand their business across Yorkshire and the Midlands, she's eager to get cracking with her new role.

Here we take five to learn a little more about her.

Tell us a bit about yourself

I have one daughter who's 14 years old and I really want her to look up to her mum and do well in life. 

What have you done in your career so far?

I have been in recruitment for 25 years. I started out as an Administrator, then I moved on to become a 360 consultant and did that for many years, then I became a Senior Consultant, and then a Branch Manager. I'm thrilled that I've now worked up to Business Development Manager level.

What are your career highlights?

The important thing for me is being able to achieve my goals and expectations, and I have been able to do that throughout my career and can't wait to do the same at Linear. 

Why Linear Industrial & Engineering?

I have worked for many big national agencies but I find that the smaller organisations take more pride in what they do and they ensure they look after every client, not just the onsite business, and this is what Linear does. So this is why I chose Linear!

What are you most excited about doing in your new role?

Developing and building the business, along with setting myself a challenge to grow for Linear. 

What are your greatest strengths?

I can talk to people at all levels, and believe that I am a good "people's person".  I never give in and I never take no for an answer! I give my best in everything I do, and I go the next level to achieve my goals.

Who inspires you?

My daughter.

What motivates you?

I am motivated by new challenges.

What are you most proud of?

My daughter and my commitment to achieving my goals.

What’s been your biggest challenge to date?

Changing jobs and moving clients is very challenging at times. I've been lucky with the client relationships that I have built over the years, and winning back clients always takes time and is sometimes very hard.

What’s the next best goal you’d like to achieve?

I'd like to do really well for Linear - earning them lots of money and having personal success in the role. 

If you were on a desert island and you could only take three items, what would they be?

Lipstick, a photo of my daughter and a lighter.

You can connect with Melanie via her LinkedIn page or give her a call on 0114 3222630.