Linear Industrial & Engineering End of Year Awards 2023

Congratulations to the worthy winners of our End of Year awards, and a huge thank you to all our teams who've worked so hard over 2023. The hard work and dedication shown by all of the staff has allowed us to successfully complete this year on a high! 

Spiros Shengjergji won a couple of awards; People’s Choice (which was voted for by Linear colleagues) and Employee of the Year. Spiros has been with us for the last two years and he fitted in right from the start. He’s quickly adapted to life as a Co-ordinator and is a valuable member of the team, and goes above and beyond. He is an absolute pleasure to work with, professional, fun and has a great personality. Well done Spiros!

Congratulations to Evelina Jakimova who has won the 2023 Special Recognition Award. Evelina began working for Linear in 2018, and during this time, she has worked within the Industrial Department, Power and Utilities and then moved back again to Industrial. Her performance, attitude, and commitment to all of these roles has been amazing and she has proved herself to be a fantastic team player. She took on the role of Account Manager under difficult circumstances and has helped to cement our relationship with one of our largest clients.

Congratulations also to Kasia Rick who has won the People's Choice Award for 2023. Kasia has worked with us since 2019 and she has laid the groundwork for where we are today; her dedication towards our client Frasers and our colleagues is second to none. She has developed into a wonderful and valued team member which is why, with good reason, her Linear colleagues have voted to give her this award.