Round up of Linear Recruitment's 2022 Performance

Welcome to the end-of-year Linear Recruitment round up. 

I am very pleased to announce that 2022 has been another successful year for Linear. The strategic tasks that we carried out in 2021 are now bearing fruit and we have had a number of success stories throughout the year. In 2021 we updated our company vision and values and we have been living and breathing these values all year to great effect. We put a new vision in place along with three-year plans of which I am pleased to say we are following and are well on course to achieve. However we never stop there and this year we've added to our three plans and are currently in the process of putting new five-year plans in place. This forward thinking is a must if businesses want to grow and continue to improve working practices and that is definitely the case at Linear.

A huge success story of 2022 has been our new Architecture division. We opened the division at the end of 2021 with the addition of Elliot Birtwistle to head it up in our North East office. Elliot specialises in Architecture and has a number of years experience. We are supplying clients across the UK and due to the success and huge demand we quickly added to the team and plan to continue to grow the division in 2023 and beyond. We have recently produced an Architecture salary survey which has an abundance of comprehensive and very useful data within it. You can find out more by clicking here, or please feel free to contact us to request a copy.

One major event in 2022 within Linear was the change in ownership of the company, as we became employee- owned. Again this is forward thinking and strategic planning for the future and it was also the catalyst of the new five year plans that gave the new owners (our staff) a vision for the future to work towards. It is early days for the Employee Owned Trust but the initial signs are that it has been a fantastic move and of huge benefit to everyone involved. Obviously it is a huge benefit for our wonderful staff who are now owners of the company they work for and is a reward for all their hard work.

As we move into 2023 and more economic uncertainty, we will see changes in the jobs market. Employers may become more cautious and we would expect there to be a shift to the engagement of more temporary labour. The temporary labour market offers companies flexibility which is a huge advantage in uncertain times. Despite the negative press and gloomy forecasts we are still very confident about next year and believe there will be many opportunities to take advantage of, for instance in the month of November the rate of pay inflation eased to a 19-month low and we expect this to continue to fall. But as we head into the end of 2022, high levels of job vacancies persist and the issue of labour and skills shortages will continue into next year. This is where Linear can help; we have a comprehensive database of candidates along with skilled consultants on hand to help fill your recruitment gaps. We can also provide our clients with vital data and up to date market information which many of our clients find very useful when making important decisions.

Finally here at Linear we really like to hear how we are performing, from both our clients and candidates as we are always thriving to improve. If you have used our service recently can I please kindly ask that you complete our customer satisfaction surveys; of which more details are available here.

As always if you require any information or advice please feel free to contact one of our offices.

Gareth Tomkins
Managing Director