This week at Linear we are welcoming the new year in with the fantastic news that Geoff Taylor has hit the 20 year milestone of working at Linear.

What an amazing achievement this is for Geoff and one that you very rarely see in more recent times.

Over the 20 years Geoff has done so much for the company, everyone will agree his work ethic is second to none, he is conscientious and always willing to offer help and support to people.

Starting as a Consultant in Sheffield in 2003 he became one of the company’s top billers. In 2010 he opened a new office in the North East which is now in its 13th year and continues to be our top office. In 2020 Geoff went back to his roots as he was handed the management of our Sheffield Construction office, a move which has proven to be a huge success as he has built a fantastic team with a very exciting future.

All this whilst sitting on the board and helping improve the company and drive the growth which we have experienced over recent years.

Following numerous deserved promotions Geoff is Operations Director of the North; as well as managing his offices he is still very much client-facing and has some very strong long-standing relationships that he has built up over the years.

Congratulations Geoff on what has been a fantastic 20 years; not only have you been a fantastic colleague over the years for so many but also a great person who is hugely respected by everyone within the company.

What an achievement Geoff.