Highest Paying Power and Utilities Jobs in the UK

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Update: We have now released updated data on Rail salaries in 2020-2021

The data used to inform this article has been taken from Linear Recruitment’s internal salary data covering April 2018 to March 2019, analysing 35,000 salary data points on candidates we have placed in permanent and temporary roles, and is not indicative of the wider industry, nor future roles through Linear Recruitment.

About the Power & Utilities Industry in the UK

For professional recruitment, the Power & Utilities industry is showing rapid growth, with the total number of jobs available in the sector increasing each year.

This industry encompasses a number of jobs, from the traditional power generation, nuclear energy, essential utilities jobs to the recently growing renewable energy. As renewable energy becomes further relied upon, there will continue to be more jobs especially in this area.

With this growing industry, if you are looking to begin a career within the energy industry, you will want to know the types of jobs are available and where you can be best paid for doing them.

Using our own internal data from our 2018-19 Salary Insight Reports and external data for reputable sources, we have produced a guide to how much you can earn within the industry.

How much do Power & Utilities workers make in the UK?

There are a range of roles available for people who work in the Power & Utilities industry, as there are multiple forms of energy that require specialists. For example, nuclear energy and renewable energy are their own specialisms.

Jobs range from General Labourers to Quantity Surveyors to Planners. This means there are multiple entry points for this industry.

What is the average salary for workers in the Power & Utilities industry?

In our data, we recorded one salary, with many of the jobs being calculated through hourly pay and day rates. Linear records an average salary of £36,000 for NRSWA (New Roads and Street Works Act) Supervisor.

The average PAYE Hourly rate for Power & Utilities industry is £14.66. This ranges from the £14 for a Mechanical Fitter to £19.73 for a Competent Person.

CW Jobs also state that the average salary in this industry is £42,500 – with a range of £31,787 - £62,500.

How does the day-rate vs hourly-rate compare for a Power & Utilities worker?

In the energy industry, it is very common for workers and contractors to be paid by an hourly or day rate, instead of a PAYE salary.

Linear Recruitment found that the average hourly rate for Power & Utilities workers in the UK is £20.16, ranging from £15 for a Banksman to £25.99 for a Competent Person.

Our data shows that for the average day rate for Power & Utilities workers in the UK is £284, ranging from £225 for an Industrial Painter, with the highest being £359 for a Commissioning Engineer.

It must be noted that rates can vary from company-to-company and that they are also dependent on the industry conditions. Currently, political uncertainty can cause the industry conditions to change and be less stable, so this must be considered.

What are the average salaries for Power & Utilities in different UK cities

It is very common across all industries for the rate of pay to change from region to region. 

This is the same for the energy industry, which spans across the UK. On average, East London has the highest average salary at £77,500, while Glasgow has the lowest at £31,787. 



Salary Range

East London












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Central London


















South East London






(CW Jobs)

Top UK Jobs in the Power & Utilities Industry

1. NRSWA Supervisor
Average Salary with Linear Recruitment: £36,000

Salaries across the market:
Streetworks Inspector Specialist - £21,589 - £32,029 (Indeed)
NRWSA Inspector - £22 - £23 per hour (Glassdoor)

The main responsibility of a NRWSA Supervisor is to inspect the work carried out by utility contractors, ensuring that everything is completed. They must constantly monitor the work to ensure it is compliant.

2. Engineer
Average day rate with Linear Recruitment for Site Engineers: £317
Average hourly salary with Linear Recruitment: £25.06

Salaries across the market:
Energy Engineer - £34,813 (Glassdoor)
Renewable Energy Engineer - £38,252 (Totaljobs)
Graduate Energy, Water and Utilities Engineer - £26,818 (Target Jobs)
Engineers in this industry often work across many different elements of the industry, from a range of different sources including solar, oil, gas, biofuels, water and nuclear power. Responsibilities can include designing and testing machinery, researching new methods, developing methods of improving processes.

3. Competent Person
Average hourly salary with Linear Recruitment: £25.99
Average PAYE hourly salary with Linear Recruitment: £19.73

Salaries across the market:
Competent Person - £240 per day (Totaljobs)

Generally, a ‘Competent Person’ will be involved with overseeing a project, assisting with multiple elements including auditing practices of others and ensuring they are compliant with legislation.

4. Quantity Surveyor
Average day rate with Linear Recruitment: £270

Salaries across the market:
National Grid Quantity Surveyor - £25,335 (Indeed)
Quantity Surveyors have financial and planning responsibilities over projects, they will monitor the progress of projects in accordance to the budget and timescales. They will also be responsible, particularly within the Power & Utilities industry, for managing sub-contractors.

5. Planner
Average day rate with Linear Recruitment: £300

Salaries across the market:
Planner - £42,500 (CW Jobs)

On site, the planner facilitates the supply chain, ensuring that they maximise the budget and time set on each project. They will also manage inventories, identify any issues and monitor orders, ensuring that everything will run smoothly.

Start your Power & Utilities Career with Linear Recruitment

There are many jobs available in the energy sector, whether working in a mangerial position or as a labourer, with all of them having excellent earning potential. With rapid growth in this industry, it is the perfect time to start your career in Power & Utilities.

Whether you're looking across the UK or even beyond, Linear Recruitment are expert advisors for careers and recruitment in the energy industry. If you're ready to begin looking for a new role, or start a new career, take a look at our current Power & Utilities vacancies. Alternatively, register with us today to be considered for future roles that match your skillset.