Job TitleNorth EastNorth WestThe MidlandsWalesYorkshire & The Humber
Engineering Manager~60k~55k~60k~55k~60k
Design Manager~55k~52k56k - 65k~50k55k - 56k
Senior Quantity Surveyor~55k53.5k - 55k~55k~52.5k~55k
Health and Safety Advisor~45k43k - 45k~45k~43k~45k
Engineer~42k41.5k - 55k~42k~39k~42k

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Linear Recruitment's Salary Insights Tool offers you the chance to look at the average salary across roles in construction, rail, power, industrial and more. Using the 40,000 pieces of data that we analysed in 2020, you can find out how much the average salary for your role is, depending on your location in the UK.

Thinking about relocating for work? Our tool also features a handy cost of living calculator, to help you find out where you will have the most disposable income. Just enter your location and search for the relevant job role.

It is important to note data is based on averages and are estimates; salaries for each job and the cost of living in each city may vary. Rent is based on a 1 bedroom apartment outside of the city centre using Numbeo and Home. The average bills include council tax (band A), water, electricity, gas and broadband.

Looking for the highest salaries in your industry? Linear Recruitment has compiled a list of the highest paying jobs in construction, railway & transport and power & utilities.

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